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thai lotto

The minimum playing rate : 1 ฿ the service for 24 hours.
Usertest : Ask USER to login. Please feel free to contact to Call Center Staff.

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To play Online Lottery you can to play Lottery or online Lottory with us with easy to access to website fastly with the following login page as below:

To play online lottery on website by accessing to Web Browser then to go website

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Login to online Lottery on website. There will be a page for you to fill in the login code, Password and the Validation 4-digit code number appear on the right side then click on ” Login” button to access online Lottery with Clo88

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Payout rates and terms of lottery to play Lottery with us will have the Terms and Conditions to play no so complicated. On this stage, lets you to click on “OK” button to accept the term and condition of online Lottery terms.

Rules of lotto

To play Lottery on website then you will see a window for you to play other Lotterys. You can bet the Lottery that you want. After completed, click on “Bet” buttton.

thai lotto online

Then there will a window come up with a question to ask again whether are you sure to bet or not. Check your Lottery if nothing goes wrong, lets you to click on the “OK” button.

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Cancel to play Lottery can be canceled at ” Menu 2.3″ Betting list / Cancel. If you want to cancel to play Lottery today, you will be required to deny it by clicking on the right button to cancel the current play.