Slot Online


Slot Game or Slot Game online. Nowadays, it is considered to be a highly popular online game even though it comes in the form of betting games that are available on online casino websites or online betting websites. In general, do you know for this simple slot games? that many people are popular to this Slot. It has techniques and methods that will make playing to get the money or add more fun to play slot games than ever before, which today will be introduced about how to play Slots online to understand and apply as a guideline because we know very well that many people are looking for the ways to play Slot online and how to get money or how to make a Jackpot break. Firstly, we will start to understand with Slot Game and ensure that after reading this article, will be get to know more well with Slot game or Slot online more.

The Steps of Playing 3-Reel Slot

1. Click on the chip to increase the amount of credit into Slot machine.
2. The number of coin to bet, click on Bet One. Click once time 1 coin each up to 3 coins maximum. Or pulling the handle one time 3 coins. You can click on the word Play 3 credits also the same.
3. Just enough the amount required, click on the word Spin Reel or use the way to pull the handle also can get the Spin Slot 3-reel.
4. If you want to take money from the Slot machine, press on the word Cash Out then the money will be included in the balance.

Playing 5-reels Slot

The goal of playing a 5 reel slots is to spin the slots to get the symbol images, which game slots have been set out. Prizes will be based on three translations: lines, credits amount, and prizes symbol. Whereas that symbols, the prize will be different. You can choose the number of Line from 1 -20 lines. The calculation of this slot game is calculated from left to right to calculate. The lines will be different in 20 lines to increase the chances of the symbol to spin along the line that we have set out. We will give you a preview of the 5 reel slot for you to learn more details of a game. It’s Aztec’s Treasure game, which has many prizes and a chance to win jackpots, which is the grand prize of Slot 5 Reel. Aztec’s Treasure game is a game that has the playing form is easy to play.

The main rules of Aztec’s Treasure Slot 5 Reel

1. Image symbol will calculate from left to right.
2. The whorship symbol will appear in anywhere 3, 4 to 5 images and to get the Spin Free awarded of 5, 15 and 25, respectively. But if the Free Spin in that moment get the whorship symbol 1, 2, 3,4 or 5 is added to the free spin, this is 1,2,5,15 or 25 respectively.
3. Aztec King only appears on the reels 2, 3, and 4 and substitutes for all other symbols that lost on that reel ( It is a symbol that can be substituted for all symbols except Scatters).
4. The Progress or Jackpot prize will increase until there is a winner. The prize is based on the player’s stake, which is equal to 1.5% combined with other players who are playing the same Slot game and bring as a Progress or Jackpot.
5. Other rules of Slot 5 Reel. Winning in the different lines, the Prizes will be added.
6. The maximum prize that have received will be no more than 50,000 credits per line.