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Ruby888 through website, one of the service for the players or members of Ruby888 which wants to change the game to transfer the money of account’s players called Wallet Ruby888 which is the formality of Ruby888 through website. To transfer the money which the player who want to bets included betting game online and Live betting game for Example: in a Live betting game types such as Pok8 Pok9, the 13 cards, Gourd-Crab-Fish, Fan Tan, Blackjack, Mahjong and Pai Gow Poker, etc. Example : Online game such as Three Kingdoms Slot, Roulette, Horse Racing game, Ball 12, Extreme Knockout, etc.

For players who top up and open an account to play betting game of Ruby888, you have to transfer to which game that you want to bet on each category of games through Ruby888 from the wallet itself by following the step below។ Besides this, Players can also keep up with news and new games from Ruby888 website.

How to go Ruby888 On Website

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How to go Ruby888
One of the service to go to website. For members who want to go to the Ruby888 web to get the latest information with the main service provider. The players can check account information with the top up balance. Transferring the money to the other games and change password.

How to go to Ruby888 1

How to go to Ruby888 2

E-Wallet Ruby888 On Website

The way how to use the system to transfer the money Ruby888 through website or E-Wallet, which has a convenient procedure through a secure system at the bank level. In general, members or players must transfer money to play the games in the category according to the player wants to bets. When the player has registered as a member or top up, the amount in all accounts will go to E-Wallet account itself. When the players want to transfer the money of Ruby888 game to a Live betting game or betting game online, players can choose the menu account according to their needs as follows:

There are 2 forms to access E-Wallet Rubby888 web are:

1. Access from the Ruby888 program where you have completed the download installation on your computer. It can be accessed from the player’s left-hand menu (as shown in pic 1). The system will take you to the website in the E-Wallet menu Ruby888.

2. Access to the main website Ruby888 through the Web, which players will be able to enter the transaction more easily. The player must login to the system first.

how to play Ruby888 on web

The Steps to Transfer the Money Ruby888 on The Web

When the player enters the E-Wallet website Ruby888 on web then before making any money transfer games, you should be out of the game first. In this E-Wallet (as shown in pic 2), the player can start to transfer money immediately from the E-Wallet itself. Go to the games that you choose to play in the category of games that include a live betting or online game and transfer for more details information or credit of the game then click on “Transfer Agreement”.

ruby888 e-wallet

In general, Ruby888’s game system can play games simultaneously in the same user account. As in this example image:


In case, can not transfer money. Example:

  1. The remaining balance is not enough to transfer
  2. The members want to transfer to the game is playing.