Register Betting Online

For those who are interested register to play Casino online games, Slots and all kinds of Sport betting online with just practise for easy steps as bellow:

Calling Us

Please contact us through Call center to request a new account then our staffs will be asked your information to open your new accout such as accouting number, Accouting name to be used to transfer your money back, phone number can be contacted, the bank that easy to transfer then we will send SMS to tell your accouting number.

Transfer the money to open User

Transfer the money to account that we have sent SMS to open a new account (User) with us. To open a new account for the first time, you will need to transfer for the lower price at least 500฿. After you have completed transfer please call to our staffs immediately to let’s them check it properly.

bank online

Receive sms to confirm User/ Password

After our staff checked the balance of the transferred amount. We will refill the money to your User and send SMS to your mobile. You can be played games online with us now.

* Require the same account with User to transfer money for the next time. * To refill the money for the next time, just confirm User with amount of transferred. You can continue to be played games betting in the Casino .

sms user casino