Gclub Animal Kingdom

By | July 20, 2018
Gclub Animal Kingdom

Gclub Animal Kingdom game is a game service of Gclub and a kind of Bonus game with the big prize from various wild animals, Animal Kingdom. In Gclub service is a game of spinning wheel to guess the result. The form of wheel divided into two types of cock, red and black. There are 24 boxes including all four animals, Crocodile, Elephant, tiger, panda in Animal Kingdom game, each category has 3 colors for betting.

gclub animal kingdom

Rules of playing Animal Kingdom

  1. The main game is divided into two wheels with two types of cocks, red and balck cock figting each other.
  2. The payment rate of Gclub Animal Kingdom will automatically change and in each round will have countdown time
  3. When the players placed bet and the pinning wheel , then the result match to the bet, members will get the payment rate by amount of betting multiplied
  4. with payment rate in the table. Total winnings = Winning animal+ winning of red cock and black cock
gclub animal kingdom pay

Rules Bonus Animal Kingdom Game

General Bonus of Gclub Animal Kingdom : Jackpot prize is random when the color and each animal type matches to the player bet. The players will win and will be won the special prize in that round.

  1. It will only be accepted to contine if the player bets and is based on the bet.
  2. The prizes received if there are points in this section are not counted
  3. Jackpot prize will shared in case if someone get the bonus together
  4. Jackpot prize will shared in case if someone get the same Bonus
  5. Prize Calculation: Jackpot prize Number x as a bonus proportion of the jackpot prize bonus amount and different from the member’s bet score
bonus gclub animal kingdom

Bonus Free game Animal Kingdom game Gclub Casino : There is a light of Free game 1-11.The prize must be bet to win. How to calculate the same light with the others prize that Win = win from the animal wheel + the combined prize rate + cocks amount

gclub animal kingdom bonus game

Color bonus Animal Kingdom Gclub : The same colors of 4 wild animals, the result count by the colors that matched and the prize by betting of set up. Win = Combination rate +Cocks amount

gclub animal kingdom bonus color

Bonus Animal game, Animal Kingdom Gclub: The same four animals, the result will count by the animals that matched to the prize of betting of set up.Win = three colors animals + combine prize rate + cocks amount

gclub bonus animal kingdom

Bonus multiplied 2 or 3 Animal kingdom Gclub game: Prize type payout will change automatically X2 or X3

animal kingdom