Install Gclub Royal on Mobile


gclub bet online can be played on your all smartphones not only iPhone, iPad or Android. Just download Gclub mobile into your phone, you can enjoy to play bet online game anytime, anywhere. Steps to download Gclub on your Mobile:

How to Download Gclub Mobile on Android

Steps to download 1. click File APK to download 2. Download program 3. Log in then can play

Installation to play in Gclub through Android

1. Scan QRCode then download apk


2. Install an application Settings> Security> Unknown Source

instal Gclub-mobile

3. Complete installation then click the app on screen to play game


4. Open App and Log in to play


How to download Gclub Mobile on iOS

Steps to download 1. Scan QRCode 2. Download to open web on Mobile 3. Log in as a member to play

Installation to play in Gclub through IOS

1. Scan QRCode to download App gclub from Appstore (iPhone,iPad)


2. Click on icon (Download) Click on icon (Open)


3. When asked to access Camera Click《OK》 || Would like to send notification to you Click 《Allow》


4. Scan QRCode on Mobile web!! You can enter a Link to a Mobile web


5.Complete installation Click icon on screen then can play


6. How to Scan new QRCode slide on screen, Click on QRCode