Lucky Last Goldclubslot

By | July 26, 2018
lucky last slot online

Goldclubslot introduced to play LUCKY LAST Slot Game online. Play fun and enjoy to get the big Jackpot bonus that make you to be rich, should not skip with Goldclubslot Slot game online.

Playing LUCKY LAST Goldclubslot

lucky last slot online

Playing Game Slot online LUCKY LAST the winning form in the game must have a symbol image in sequence from REEL 2 ( 2 Spinnings) up from the left to the right, can be combined the row to get the betting prizes. Lucky Last Goldclubslot game page to play LUCKY LAST, this page will show the image slot spinning, the remaining Credit balance, Credit bet amount, the amount of bonus prize played, maximum bet, Line bets (LINE) 25 Lines.

goldclubslot Lucky Last scatter

Shamrock flower symbol is a SCATTER / SCATTER that win have to add into the winning line ( Line). The winning SCATTER is multiplied by the number of all bets placed.

goldclubslot luckylast symbol

The symbol of Golden coins will appear in the wheel 1 and 5 only. Used to instead of other symbols, except for SCATTER. The symbol of Shamrock flower reward will multiplied by 2 times. When the symbol of Golden coin appear from 1 image up will win the symbol of the set.

The Form of Lucky Last

  • Get 7 free game awards when appear Golden coin symbol from 1 up on the wheel 1 and 5.
  • This form is repeated during the last game of each Free Game.
  • The last Free Game, there is 50% chance to create this form again.
  • The form that happened repeatedly in 7th game, get the set of Free game 7 games.
  • The award that added more 3 times in the first 6 games in every each Free game will multiplied 2 times in the 7th game.
  • This form happened repeatedly at the most 5 times.
  • All the eyes that play Free games are played on the Line and the bet amount is set at the beginning of the game.

Winning in different lines to play in Bulls and Bears Slot online will be added to the winning SCATTER, and will be added to the winning Line which the winning SCATTER will be multiplied with all the number of bets. The winning Line will be multiplied by the number of bets per Line. Only the maximum award on each line will be counted. The maximum award in each spin is 50000x by the number of bets per Line.

Payout Rate Lucky Last Goldclubslot

Calculate the award of the Lucky Last Goldclubslot Slots. Every symbols will be calculated from left to right used to calculate the chart below. Except SCATTER, the Shamrock symbol which is pay for any amount.

lucky last goldclubslot pay