Bao Zheng Slot (choy sun doa)

By | July 25, 2018
1s casino ស្លត់ប៉ាវចិន

1scasino from a Live game with the beautiful girls are waiting to conduct the game. There are many online betting games to play such as Bao Zheng (Cgoy Sun Doa) Slot game. If you go to Poitpet city, you will see Choy Sun Doe slot machine that full of slot games have been very popular in Caino online. 1S Casino has brought you to enjoy with online slot game on websit. Fun with the thrill feeling and the big reward easily at your home. Payout by the reward symbols in sequence 5 rotators (Can be adjacent for each one row), win a 1000 lines of playing. Regiter to play 1S Casino Slot Online with us today. We have the staffs are available for 24 hours.

Playing Slot Online game Bao Zheng 1S Casino

Recommendation about the different buttons menu in game page to play Bao Zheng Slot game (Choy Sun Doa) another popular online slots game in 1S Casino service.

1scasino ស្លត់ប៉ាវចិន
  1. Bao Zheng Slot (Choy Sun Doa) Jackpot for those who like to play Slot online Bao Zheng in 1S Casino, there are 4 types as below:
    • Grand (Jackpot the biggest )
    • Major ( Jackpot after Grand)
    • Minor ( Jackpot after Major)
    • Mini ( Jackpot after Minor ) the smallest
    • Button for Turn Off-On sound : Choy Sun Doa Slot online
    • Help button for the game description of the Bao Zheng Slot
  2. This point will include for selecting the spining box, bet amount and spinning Slot online in 1scasino automatically.
  3. Maxbet is the button used for rotation of slot online 1S Casino Choy Sun Doa with the maximum bet. SPIN button is used to spin the wheel of Slot online or start to play Slot Online themselves.

The table in each row of Slot Choy Sun Doa open the spin 1. The image of the Scatter must be in sequence at least 3 rotators or more than this (Reel 1)
– Open the spin 2 rotators (Reel 1-2)
– open the spin 3 rotators (Reel 1-3)
– Open the spin 4 The image of the Scatter must be in sequence at least 3 rotations of the Scatter must be in sequence at least 3 rotations or more than th or more than this (Reel 1-4)
– Open the spin 5 rotators (Reel 1-5).

choy sun doa line slot

Winning a Choy Sun Doa slot ( 5 Rotators; 3 Rows), the picture must be arranged from left to right from the first rotator to the third rotator and next to the same picture in each row.

Accessing to Free Game Bao Zheng Slot online
can be played Free Game when the golds ingot are in sequence at least 3 ingots up (can be alternated the row.). For accessing to Free Game in Bao Zheng Slot game 1S Casino, you can choose to play Free Game for 5 Types together.

free game ស្លត់ប៉ាវចិន

During of playing Free Game, if the Bao Zheng appeared which is the multiplier 50,20,15,10,5,2 will be multiplied by the number of bets played to get the reward.

Symbol Image and Payout Rate

ស្លត់ប៉ាវចិន 1scasino choy sun doa

More Details and symbol images of Bao Zheng Slot Online and payout rate of each symbol.