Gclub Dragon Tiger

By | July 20, 2018
dragon tiger

Gclub Dragon-Tiger Game Royal Gclub Casino Online have served a Live Dragon-Tiger game service or can be called Dragon-Tiger card. It is a style game of heart measurement by knowing of win or lose in one card. Gclub Dragon-Tiger have the easy rule to play and enjoy with Gclub Dragon Tiger ​today. Call Us to open a new account with our Call Center.

Playing Dragon-Tiger Game

dragon tiger

More details of playing Dragon-Tiger in Gclub Casino Online. You can see for more information about Dragon-Tiger game as the picture below:

gclub dragon tiger
  1. Screen to show Dragon-Tiger in Gclub Casino Online
  2. The number to show the time remaining of deposite in each round / other Menu related to the game
  3. Showing the result of win and lose in Gclub Dragon-Tiger for the prevoius games.
  4. Betting box in pair Red Black of Dragon-Tiger Gclub
  5. Betting box of Tiger/ Tie/ Dragon and chip amount bet

The purpose of playing a single card online​ can be used only 8 deck of cards, the players can choose Dragon or Tiger or Tie. The staff will deal a card to Dragon or Tiger side, the rules of the game are judged like a poker card. When the game is Tie, Betting will pay back in half.

Form of playing Dragon-Tiger Gclub Casino
According to references of cards, K is the largest and A is a smallest, when the card is the same or tie, have to prepare in order from small to big is A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K

  • Bet on dragon 1 : 1 the player will lost in half if it became Tie
  • Bet on Tiger 1 : 1 the player will lost in half if it became Tie
  • Bet on Tie 1 : 8
dragon tiger online