Gclub Sicbo

By | July 20, 2018
Gclub sicbo

Gclub Hi-Lo is a dice game service (Sic Bo) or have known clearly of Gclub Hi-Lo, is a popular game from the customers in the local country like to play.There are many styles of playing, you can bet on Gclub dice for​ 24hours with the best leading of Gclub Casino service, shouldn’t missed it! Register to play in Gclub Hi-Lo , contact us everyday, special promotions are waiting for you!

Gclub Hi-Lo Online (Sic Bo)

Gclub Hi-Lo Online (Sic Bo) has the same form and rule of general Hi-Lo playing. Live game Hi-Lo online that you easy to play through Website and program. Gclub Hi-Lo Online or Dice game, there are many styles of playing, you can see in details from Gclub Hi-Lo (Sic Bo) by the information below:

sic bo gclub
  1. Video atmospere of playing Hi-Lo Gclub has two camera angles
  2. Betting box for the customers to click on betting Hi-Lo Online
  3. Show the time remaining of betting in each round/ Chip / Others menu related to the game
  4. The tables show the result of Dice in the past previous games

Form of Betting Hi-Lo Online ( Sic Bo)

Hi-Lo Gclub Casino Online (Sic Bo) to find the point of dice thst have all 3 dices and for each dice have the six corners from number 1 to 6 which is the forms of playing

  1. To betting for High-Low, repay for one time by just counting the 3 dices
  2. Placing a number bet, repay in one time and can see for all 3 dices. If you placing a number bet for all 3 dices so that will be win but if the chosen number appears 1 time your bet pays 1 to 1, if it appears 2 times your bet pays 2 to 1 and if it appears 3 times your bet pays 3 to 1.
  3. Placing a number bet, repay for 5 times by choosing 2 of betting and think that for all 3 dices will have the placing number appear
  4. Placing Even bet, repay for 8 times by choosing 1 betting then think that for all 3 dices will have the placing number appear the same 2 dices
  5. Placing a total bet, repay by the placing bet appear and count the placing bet of 3 dices then the placing total bet will start from 4 to 17 by the rule of Gclub Hi-Lo game ( Sic Bo)
  6. gclub sic bo rule
  7. Placing three bet, repay for 150 times by to see the 3 dices if the same number of 3 matches to the number of betting, you will be win.
  8. Placing total three bet, repay for 24 times by to see the 3 dices, just the same number of 3 dices, no need to set the number as the total three bet, you will be win.