Gclub Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish

By | July 20, 2018
Fish Prawn Crab

Gclub gourd-shrimp-crab-fish is a game service of Gourd-Tiger play directly with the real Casino from Poipet city. Gclub Casino has many bet games for you to choose and play in Gclub. Gclub gourd-shrimp-crab-fish is another games for Thai people love to play. Register to play a Live betting game with Gclub Casino Online service here. Gourd-Tiger was began in the southern China. The way how to play is similar to dice game, quite simple to play just use the 3 dice​ that consist of six different types, such as gourd, crab, fish, shrimp, tiger, and chicken.

The Rules for playing Gclub Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish

Gclub Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish

Gclub Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish game that have served in Casino Online Gclub and have game page clearly and easy to understand. You can see the difference parts of game page in Gclub Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish Online as the picture below:

gclub casino namtao
  1. The Video shows the Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish which is a Live atmosphere from the real Casino
  2. Show about the player’s account and for more details of Gclub Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish betting
  3. Betting boxes in Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish game, Click on the differences pictures that you needed!
  4. Time remaining of Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish betting / Another amount of chip / Rules for playing
  5. The schedule records the results of Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish dice for the past previous games

Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish Playing

  • The number of players is limited to 2-10 people and Game can started only when the one player is the dealer.
  • The bet was divided into 6 single types, the bet pair dice is 15, total bets is 21.
  • The players can choose to be a dealer or a player. To become a dealer, click on ” Want to be a Banker” button, but have to queue up in order while waiting for the queue. The player can press the cancel button to cancel the dealer.
  • To play Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish , in case no one is a dealer. The system will display a message window, “No Dealer” the player can choose as a dealer leave the game or wait.
  • For the players who are the dealer must play for 5 times and each time, the dealer has only 5 second to roll the dice of Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish. If over the time, the system will automatically rolls the dice.
  • The players has 30 seconds to bet.
  • For the customers who play this game, Each table has not the same maximum bet limit.

Gclub Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish, how to play and payment rate
  1. the single bet, If the customers bets single, then the dice roll out to match the bet. 1 out of 1 pay, 2 out 2 pay and 3 out of 3 pay. So if the customers bet on ” Fish” for 100 Bath if the dice out “Fish” “Fish” “Crab” the customers will receive 200 Bath.
  2. A pair bet, if the customers bet a pair and the dice roll out to the match, the bet will paid for 5 times such as if bet on “shrimp crab” for 200 Bath if the dice roll out ” crab”fish”shrimp” the customers will receive 1000 Bath.
  3. Bonus: Bonus cases with the result in the same time and the same betting box. The Bonus will be for all players. The dealer has a share 30% of all bonuses. The other players are equal. Bonus points * 70% * (Total own bets will be shared by all bets). And in the times of playing will not charge. Gclub Gourd-shrimp-crab-fish, like the 2000 bonus, all bets 1000, there are 3 ABC players. Banker A will get 2000 * 30% = 600, the player B will bet 400 to have a share of 2000 * 70% * 400/1000 = 560. For player C will bet 600 to have a share of 2000 * 70% * 600/1000 = 840.