Gclub Slot Mulan

By | July 20, 2018
Gclub Slot Mulan

Gclub Slot Mulan Slot Game Online Mulan, In Gclub Casino is a Slot Online game with Chinese style design, considered as a Slot Online of 5 reels which is feature and style of Line for 50 Lines. Slot Online Mulan is a Slot Online service for those who want to play and it is the one of the most popular from the customers in the whole country. Register with us and contact Call Center for 24 hours.

Playing Mulan Slots Online

Mulan Rules is a playing Slot Mulan game by 5 spins ( Reel) 50Lines. In the game must have the same symbol and in sequence connected from (REEL1-2) up from left to right only can be won the prize of bet.

  1. If you press to start button Gclub Slot Mulan, the game will rotate and will stop automatically. Check it what Line do you have? If no line is available, the game will end immediately.
  2. If your balance remains for the next bet, you can press the button to start the game. But if your balance is not enough for the bets, please refill the balance into the slot game first.
  3. If your balance has for bet only 1Line, the chances of bonus are less. And if the bonus, The amount will appear on the left side of the game.
gclub mulan slot

Free Game Slot Online Mulan

Free games in Slot Online MulanThere will be 3 pictures appearing in positions 1,2,3 to get Free games. The game is divided into 12,8,5 times and every Free game will have the picture appear instead of 3,4,5.

Free game ស្លុតអនឡាញមូឡាន

In case you choose the game page, there will be rotate Free 3 that are different to each other to choose:

  1. If you select 12 Free Spin, you must post the symbol Gclub Slot Mulan in the 3rd box
  2. If you select 8 Free Spin you must post the symbol Gclub Slot Mulan in the 4th box
  3. If you select 5 Free spin you must post the symbol Gclub Slot Mulan in the 5th box. In Free Game mode of Slot Mulan Gclub Casino, post mulan free or more pictures than this no matter where you are, you will get Free game.