By | July 20, 2018
Extreme Knock Out

GCLUB Slot Boxing Extreme Knock Out feeling like touching directly with the thrill in the stlye of Slot Game Online, cool pictures with the Boxers on the ring. GCLUB Slot Boxing game is a Slot game that has been very popular in this period, should not skip with Slot game online and for those who love the art. You will be entertained and have fun with spinning slots and ready to give you a big bonus in Slot Boxing Gckub Slot. To play Slot Boxing game is a kind of playing by 5 spinnings (Reel) 20 (Line). In the game must have the same symbol and ​in order by (REEL1-2) up from left to right only to win the prize in the bet.

Playing Slots Boxing in Gclub Casino

Start to play Gclub Slots Boxing as follows:

  1. To start the game, press the slot boxing game, it will spin and will stop automatically. Make sure that you have a line or If there is no line to the game, This game will end immediately.
  2. If your balance remains for the next bet, you can press the button to start the game. If your balance is not enough for the bets, please refill the balance into the slot game first.
  3. If your balance has for bet only 1Line, the chances of bonus are less. And if the bonus, The amount will appear on the left side of the game.
gclub boxing slot

WILD is a pictogram that can represent all of the characters in the game, except for the picture of the boxers. Free game will have the three boxers appearing between 1.3.5 to play free games.

  1. While playing Free game, the boxer is a representation of all the pictures. Beside the wild of Boxing arena
  2. there are 5 pictures in one 1Line and one boxer. Winning amount will be doubled.
gclub boxing wild

In Free Spins mode, Gclub Slot Boxer Online The Free spins will never end if the three pictures appear up, the prize will be doulbed or may have been played for Free spin up to 200 times.

gclub boxing bonus