Royal1688 Casino : Baccarat

By | July 20, 2018

Royal1688 Casino will bring you to enjoy with the famous game of Baccarat . Baccarat is a live betting game from the casino and have the rule to play is similar to Pok at home with a maximum of 9 points. Card 10, J, Q and K when combined the score is more than, the total value is 0 point. But can be matched with the suit of card if the score is the same. It is divided into two sides for players to choose bets between Player and Banker.

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  1. A live video atmosphere of playing Baccarat from Casino
  2. In this point will consists of the time of Baccarat Royal1688 betting and the other menu and consits of change Password Menu, Baccarat betting list, The rule of playing Royal1688 Baccarat,
  3. Turn Off-On sound button
  4. The table to show the satistics result of playing Baccarat in the past game whether which side is win or Tie
  5. The graphic images show the result of cards in each game to be clear.
  6. The spaces for place the bet of other forms in Royal1688 Casino baccarat game online