Royal1688 Casino : Roulette

By | July 20, 2018
royal1688-casino-roulette-rule Royal1688 Casino Roulette the form Roulette playing, the dealer will spin the roulette wheel by the 37 spaces, number ranging from 0-36. The players have a chance to bet for Black-Red group and the blue is the space 0. The dealer will start to spin the Roulette wheel on the left side and the metal ball will spin to the right side. When the metal ball stop at the same time with the Roulette wheel, the game in that round was ended.

Royal1688 Casino More Details of Roulette Menu

  1. A live video atmosphere of Roulette playing can be adjust the quality of the video by the speed of the net.
  2. Space to place the bets of Royal1688 Roulette, number and form as needed.
  3. The table to show the satistics the result Roulette of the past games and show more details in every spaces
  4. The number to show the time of the bet/ Bet chips/Clear bet menu/ Menu rules
  5. Show more details of Royal1688 Roulette online bet in your each game

The Form of Roulette Betting Royal1688