Moneycat Lucky cat

By | July 20, 2018
Money Cat

Money Cat is a game online service Gclub, is like touching directly with fortune cat game in the new stlye, fun of cool pictures and get the big award for everyone who love bet online, Should not skip! The total score of the player consists of all types. Score of all Bet Types Furtune cat game is the bet placed multiply with winning units.

Playing Gclub Furtune Cat Game

Learn the rules of the game Moneycat Furtune Cat Game Before palying in this Gclub Casino. In this game , the set of bet types award is from left to right (1-5) links is the same reel. There are 9 types award of bets, this notice can be insteaded for all notices that was appeared as the picture below.

gclub moneycat pay
  • The row that get maximum prize is the prize of the player earns
  • The total score of the player have collected by the score of all rows.
  • All Bet types is the bet of multiplied by the number of winning units
gclub moneycat line gclub moneycat bonus gclub moneycat rule