Royal1688 Casino : Dragon – Tiger

By | July 20, 2018
Royal1688 Casino : នាគ - ខ្លា

Royal1688 Casino the rules of the game is to measure of the two cards’ score between the Tiger and the dragon excluding card suit, including only the card score. A is the lowest card, K is the highest card. The players can choose to bet for both Odd/Even, full score, Tie and red/black etc.

Menu Details of Dragon-Tiger Game Gclub

  1. The screen to show the Dragon-Tiger’s playing of Gclub casino online
  2. The number of time remaining of the bet in each round of the game / other menu related to the game
  3. Show record of lose/win result of playing Royal1688 Dragon-Tiger for the past games
  4. Show the results of the card out in each round of the game
  5. Board for bet Odd/Even, Red/Black and Dragon-Tiger Gclub
  6. Board for bet Tiger/ Tie/ Dragon and chip amount

Payout Rate of Dragon-Tiger