Royal1688 Casino : Hi-Lo Online (Sic Bo)

By | July 20, 2018
royal1688-casino-sic-bo Royal1688 Casino SicBO Hi-Lo Online the real Casino service with the dice game, the prediction of the 3 dices by rolling the dice to predict the result. The form of the first game and the dealer will roll the dice. You can bet Hi-Lo first before the time out of bet. It is including small-big, Odd-Even, the dice number, the dice result, the same number digits (Triple), Even number etc.

Menu Details of Hi-Lo Online Sicbo

  1. The video atmosphere of playing Hi-Lo Gclub has two camera angles
  2. Board for the customers to click on betting Hi-Lo online
  3. Show the remaining time to place bets of each round/Chip/ other menu of the game
  4. The table to show of saving result of the dice Hi-Lo for the past games

Payout Rate of Betting Hi-Lo Sicbo


Payout Rate of Betting Hi-Lo Sicbo